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“Our favorite breed is rescue”

About Us

10th Chance Animal Rescue is a unique group and set apart from other rescue groups as nearly 100% of our cats and kittens are street rescued, and then socialized, completely vetted and adopted into loving homes. We also provide assistance with trapping and sterilizing feral cats and placing them with a caretaker who is educated in their care.

What can you do? First and foremost, please spay or neuter the cats in your care. Adopt from reputable rescue groups where you will receive a cat or kitten who is already spayed or neutered. “Free to good home” cats and kittens often become pregnant the first year. No pet is “free” as there are initial medical needs such as spay/neuter/vaccination that should be mandatory. While the cat might be “free,” the medical costs are not. Consider adopting from 10th Chance Animal Rescue – our cats are completely vetted with multiple vaccinations, a microchip, a combo test for Feline AIDS and Leukemia, treatments for earmite, fleas and worms and of course, spayed or neutered. 10th Chance cats and kittens are seen by multiple veterinarians prior to adoption. Due to their care in foster and our own homes, we know our kitties and the type of home that will be their best fit. Additionally, you can call 10th Chance Animal Rescue to borrow a trap(s) for cats who you are feeding. We also transport cats for spay/neuter.

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10th Chance Animal Rescue is in desperate need of donations and foster homes as well. Our kitties are abandoned or born outside and are generally sick, injured or both, and are in need of everything (spay/neuter, vaccinations, parasite control, wound care, etc.). No surrendering owner is available to make a donation for them, so your tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated! As you know the streets of Buffalo and surrounding areas are just as mean as any other city or area when you are homeless and worse than some because of the cold and frigid temperatures many months of the year. We all see sad pictures on TV of animals in need in other cities but the homeless animals of this area are just as sad and in need. Please consider giving your hard earned charitable donations to 10th Chance Animal Rescue. 100% of your donation will go directly to veterinary care, medicine or nourishment for our cats/kittens. All individuals involved with 10th Chance are strictly volunteer – there are no paid personnel in 10th Chance.


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